Blogs Posts by Individuals Living with and or Through Cancer

Does a Cancer Diagnosis Turn You Into a Better Person?

Nancy Stordahl explores the pressures and expectations that exist in society that a cancer diagnosis will make you a better person. “Sometimes it seems there is an unspoken societal expectation out there that a person is supposed to become a better person after a serious illness like cancer. It’s sometimes expected that a person should somehow be transformed into a new and improved version of one’s former self.”

Cancer Was Not, Is Not & Never Will Be A Gift…

Nancy Stordahl poetically explains why cancer is not and never will be a gift.

Sorting Out the Confusion Between Palliative Care & Hospice Care

Nancy Stordahl explains the difference between palliative care and hospice care.

The Truth

Kayla Goulart explains how it feels to live a life day by day. She writes “I see support groups for people dealing with the loss of a loved one and I think, what happens when you lose yourself?”

What Have We Learned About Metastatic Breast Cancer, Charlie Brown?

Katherine O’Brien gives a great summary on the ins and outs of what she has learned about metastatic breast cancer after five years of living with it.

Face to Face

Julie Levesque talks about discussing death with her daughter at Ikea

Being a father of two and husband to a wife with metastatic breast cancer

Ian Ricci discusses his experience as a supporter and caregiver to a woman with metastatic breast cancer (me).

Cancer, a Love Story

All I can say is this is beautiful.  It is a vulnerable, real, honest look into loving someone with incurable/advanced cancer.

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