Update from Ian

Good Morning Friends, Just a quick update on the recent appointments this week. First, I will mention the positive news. Anna’s genetics came back negative for a variety of mutations. This is good news for Anna and the kids as this currently rules out genetic mutations, that are currently known, as a contributor of the cancer. Unfortunately the chemo Anna has been taking for the last 3-months had little to no impact on her cancer. The cancer has continued to spread/grow in her left lung and now small lesions have appeared in her liver. She does not have any impact from this as most of the lesions are quite small. Anna’s oncologist is recommending a more aggressive approach with some non-traditional breast cancer drugs. She is going to shift to a platinum based chemo, this has shown positive success around the world. There will be more side effects, but more than worth it, if it works. All though this is very difficult news to digest after such a rough 3-months of chemo. Anna is re-grouping and getting ready for another 9 weeks. Next steps will involve 6 treatments over 9 weeks. She will get weekly chemo for two weeks, with the third week off. On the ninth week she will get another CT scan to determine next steps after that. We have been very open about Anna’s disease to date. We find it easier posting these updates rather than having one on one conversations with everyone. Thanks again for all your ongoing support, it means the world to Anna and all of us. Love, Ian, Anna, Elliott, and Maëlle

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  1. Simply put that really sucks. I hope that the next line of treatment has some effect. Hopefully Anna’s IMPACT tumour genetic profiling results will be ready soon so you all can start looking at effective non-chemo treatments. Also, if you haven’t already, now would be a good time to start reviewing the current trials at canadiancancertrials.org .

    In the meantime, if you guys feel that talking with others going through the same thing might help relieve some of your stress, check out Gilda’s. The next 20s & 30s group is this Tuesday – I’d love to see Anna there.

  2. That’s really incredibly disappointing news. Here’s hoping that platinum works. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys every minute. Thank you for keeping us posted and if you need anything, we’re here. Stay strong.

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