A Place to Sit

I sat here once.


When the world was smaller and so much more simple.
My potential ripe and ready to devour.
I was ready then.
Ready for all the juicy delicacies that would be my journey.

Now I sit here .
Getting nearer to the end of my short life.
Contemplating my potential.
Grieving my potential.
Grasping at my potential.

And I’m lost
And I am scared
And I am angry
And I am hungry for change.
Change that I can not control.
Change that will never be.

My life has become dense.
Dense in emotion
Dense in meaning
Dense with love
Dense with dreams
Dense with tragedies.

And still I sit here.
Where I’ve sat before.
Where others will sit.
And I remember.
And I dream.
And I smile.
And I cry.

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