No Mice Allowed

No Mice Allowed

“Mommy can mice climb?” My five year old asks as he climbs around on the couch I’m sitting on.

“Yes, they are very good climbers” I answer.

“Do mice like cheese?” He asks after pulling himself out from under a chair.

“They like lots of different types of food” I answer.

“Do they like climbing on metal?” He runs his fingers along a silver picture frame on the wall.

I look around the room and think about his questions, “Have you been hiding mouse food all over the house?”

“Yes some cheese” He answers proudly.

“Honey that’s not a good idea… We don’t want mice in our house”

“Oh okay” He cleans up his stashes of cheese and asks, “Mommy what do naked rats eat?”

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  1. When my children were your children’s ages, my mother urged me to write down the cute stories I would tell her. I wish I had made the time to do so but I thought that I would always remember them. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case for me. Moments like the one you eloquently describe are precious for the joy they bring. I wish you many more joyful moments with your beautiful children. Thank you for sharing.

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