Everything can Change in 60 Hours

Anna Hospital

Guest Post by Ian Ricci

From Thursday morning of this past week to Saturday evening, Anna has been through the ringer.  We all have.  Friends, family, and loved ones have been following along this condensed roller coaster.  Finding out you have a brain met was new for us.  This would make the fifth location for cancer to appear in the last 2 and half years.  It has definitely been the scariest.

Given I have slept about 10 hours over the last five days… I am going to keep this short.  Anna had a single brain metastasis in her left posterior temporal lobe.  It was just under 3.5cm in diameter…. I would compare it to a golf ball sized tumour.  She was in surgery for about four hours.  She is resting in the ICU now and should be home early this week.

I can’t express all the love, support, and general human greatness we have experienced over the last few days.  It has been anything short of incredible. The staff at the three UHN hospitals have been wonderful, treating us with best in class care and tenderness throughout the process.

There is still lots ahead. I have confidence Anna will be back blogging in no time.  I will be posting a more detailed blog later this week outlining how it all went down.  These are direct orders from the boss.

All our love.

Ian and Anna

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  1. Hi Ian and Anna, I was diagnosed with a brain met in 2012. I’m doing well but the before during and after has been really confusing. I’d be happy to chat about my treatment decisions (conventional surgery followed by cyber knife) and what it’s all been like. I previously had liver mets but before the brain had been in remission for 5 years. My surgery was successful but we have to remain ultra vigilant.
    You look great Anna and medicine has come such a long way. Be very patient with yourself while you heal. I’ll be thinking of you lots and if you want to get in touch at any point, I’m at laurie dot Kingston at Gmail dot com. I live in Ottawa.

  2. Thank you for the update.

    So lovely to see your beautiful smiling face, Anna. You are both such an inspiration.

  3. Anna and Ian, we have been sending you good vibes, positive energy, prayers (regardless of what you believe in), and love since we learned of the brain tumor this week. So happy for you both that the surgery went well. Anna, you are fantastic, your breathtaking resilience is inspiring to all of us. With love and hugs, Maureen

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