The weather is changing

A day like any other.
          But my head hurts
the pain is mingling with anxiety.
The sky is covered with ominous clouds
          the weather is changing
I relax and take a deep breath because this is just a migraine.

We are going on a holiday
          But I know something is wrong
I push my fears aside
convincing myself its going to be okay
          the weather is changing
I need to watch my children laugh and play in the sand

I live for these blissful moments
          but my head still hurts
the beach provides ample room for escape
I justify my pain to a single cloud
          the weather is changing
sand castles, laughter and smuggled glasses of wine

This is unfathomable work living in denial
          but hiding from pain is not impossible
Its been 10 days and we are heading back to Canada
the lack of clouds reveals the depth of my denial
          the weather is changing
my brain is once again at war with my breasts.

the weather is changing

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  1. Can you tell me more about your whole brain treatment and do the steroids go with that treatment. I will probably be having whole brain soon and am scared. Thanks.

    • It’s really not to bad. For me the procedure takes about 5 minutes and doesn’t hurt at all. Like an X-ray. The hardest part is the mask which if your claustrophobic could be hard.

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