Sometimes when all the bustle of activity slows down
and I am alone in a quiet house.

My mind seeks the comfort of denial and distraction
and I find myself immersed.

The time and energy I have put into acceptance fades
and I am there again.

Wondering how could it be possible
and if my cancer is real.

Here in the prime of my life
and in the process of discovering my voice.

The silence expands as I look away
and I seek comfort in what will never be.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope I will become a better listener to and for people on challenging journeys around me through the honour of being so generously invited to partake in yours.
    You have no idea how much I wish that for my Christmas present this year I would be given assurance that this your denial would become your reality.
    And for everyone else who is gravely ill too.
    I wish you peace.

  2. Hi Anna, you might not remember me, but I worked with you in Yellowknife, when you were here. I was so sorry to hear about your struggles. Tammy let us know as your interview was being broadcast. I missed that but have had a look at your blog. I have also had a breast cancer diagnosis, but being much older than you it is not nearly as devastating. I just wanted to wish you the best and hope for the best.

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